Town Board Minutes March 3, 2010

Present: Supervisor Martin A. Ballowe, Councilmen James E. Pluta and Jeffrey A. Genzel and Jay P. Boardway and Councilwoman Cathy A. Maghran.

Also Present: Town Attorney Kobiolka and Code Enforcement Officer Ferguson.

Rev. James Laun, Churchill Memorial United Methodist Church opened the meeting with a prayer.

A motion was made by Councilman Boardway and seconded by Councilwoman Maghran to adopt the minutes of the February 17, 2010 regular meeting.

five (5) Ayes Carried

A motion was made by Councilman Genzel and was seconded by Councilwoman Maghran to reappoint Robert Chelus

A motion was made by Councilman Pluta and seconded by Councilman Genzel, upon review by the Town Board, that fund bills on the Abstract dated February 25, 2010 in the amount of $124,767.13 be paid.

five (5) Ayes Carried

Received and filed a notice from Erie County Department of Health in regards to proposed revisions to the NYS Sanitary Code regulations.

A motion was made by Councilman Genzel and was seconded by Councilwoman Maghran to appoint Robert Chelus to the Planning Board as an alternate member, term to expire 12/31/2013.

five (5) Ayes Carried

Councilman Genzel reported that the Planning Board has reappointed Richard Brox as the Town Planner at $225 per meeting, with no minimum amount of meetings. He also noted that the Planning Board will continue to meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month

Councilman Genzel reported that the Planning Board elected David Stringfellow, Chairman, Patricia Hacker, Vice Chairman, and Mike Cartechine as Secretary for 2010.

A motion was made by Councilman Pluta and was seconded by Councilwoman Maghran to appoint Joseph Hynes to the Conservation Advisory Council, term to expire 3/1/2013.

five (5) Ayes Carried

A motion was made by Councilwoman Maghran and was seconded by Councilman Boardway to approve the Use of Town Facility application from Boy Scout Troop 491 for June 14, 2010

five (5) Ayes Carried

A motion was made by Councilwoman Maghran and was seconded by Councilman Boardway to approve the Use of Town Facility application from the Conservation Advisory Council for May 8, 2010.

five (5) Ayes Carried

Supervisor Ballowe commented that the rezoning applications of The Great American Tool Company and Boston Valley Commons will continue to be tabled pending recommendation from the Planning Board.

Received and filed monthly reports from the Recreation Director.

Supervisor Ballowe noted that the Hillcroft Bank Stabilization has begun. He also commented on the 2010 Budget Savings and Personnel Changes which are noted below:

2010 Budget Savings and Personnel Changes

Payroll Savings: Approx. savings (incl. taxes)

Department Savings:
Code Enforcement (2) $16,000
Deputy Dog Control (1) $ 5,000
Clerk, PT (1) $ 8,200
Supervisor?s reduction $ 6,100
Town Board?s reduction $ 3,400

(900/mo. Retainer) $10,800

2010 Savings $49,500

Employees Filing for unemployment: wkly chg

Asst. Supervisor - $ 332
Court Clerk, PT - $ 147
Recreation Director $ 237
Rec. Attendant $ 25

Employee previously filed for unemployment:

Parks, Laborer - $ 218

Unemployment potential charge REVERSED:

Construction Mgr- $ 405


Additional employees not reappointed, not collecting unemployment:

Deputy Code Deputy Code
Town Attorney Prosecutor
Dog Control Deputy Dog

Town Clerk Shenk noted there will be a blood drive on March 23rd from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and a reminder that Town and County Taxes are due Monday, March 15th, the office will be open until 9 p.m. and Thursday and Friday, the 11th and 12th until 8 p.m.

Highway Superintendent Telaak noted that the Hydroseeder has been delivered. He noted that it will be used this Spring at the State Trooper?s Barracks.

Councilman Pluta noted he will attend a meeting with Erie County Senior Services and noted that the Conservation Advisory Council Fishing Derby will be on May 8th.

Councilman Genzel noted that he met with the town engineer in regards to streamlining the forms used for any type of development process within the town.

Councilman Genzel noted that the contract for the Hillcroft water project has been signed and work will begin in the spring.

Councilman Genzel noted that he attended the FEMA flood map revision meeting. He noted there are a set of new maps available.

Councilman Genzel noted that there are seven hot spots in the Town of Boston along the creek that are on the list for erosion control and bank stabilization.

Councilman Boardway reported that a new house identification system for houses on Powerline Road is being developed to help locate these homes more efficiently for emergency services.

Councilman Pluta noted that last year the Town Board did direct the code enforcement office to make sure all of those homes were labeled correctly.

Councilman Boardway noted that Hamburg Fire Control?s list is not consistent with what is there now.
Councilman Boardway noted that the Town Board has reviewed a lot of the town spending. The Doritex contract, which replaces floor mats and Highway Department uniforms and shop rags is being reduced substantially. The reason this is relevant is that NYS has put into place a work place violence prevention law. It is state mandated and unfunded. We have to make it safe for our public servants in their work environment. Part of this savings will be used for renovation in the Town Clerk?s office. It?s the most public access point in the building. Safety glass will be installed and an access system where people will be buzzed in.

Supervisor Ballowe noted that he and Town Clerk Shenk worked on the Doritex contract.

Councilwoman Maghran noted that applications for Summer Recreation Employment will be accepted soon and applications for campers will be mailed soon.

Councilwoman Maghran noted that Recreation Director Clesse has applied for grants for the concert series.

Councilwoman Maghran noted that the Battery Shop in North Boston is now closed and thanked Dave Bernas for his years of service.

Councilwoman Maghran noted that the NYS Police are reminding all Boston residents that there has been a series of daytime break ins around town. The state police refer to them as quick hits and have been on Mayer, Keller, Ward and Omphalius Roads. They are asking residents to call 941-9300 with any information or witness any strange vehicles in their neighborhood.

Councilwoman Maghran also noted that she and Recreation Director Clesse sent a letter to the Capital Improvements Committee requesting the use of the old Trooper?s Barracks as a possible youth center. A letter also was sent to Erie County Legislator Dixon describing the Town of Boston?s top five traffic concerns and requested a shelter at the NFTA park and ride.

Councilwoman Maghran noted that starting in 2011 Friday night recreation will be paid for through a grant so there will be no charge to participants.

A motion was made by Supervisor Ballowe and seconded by Councilman Genzel to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 p.m.

five (5) Ayes Carried


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