Chairman:   Jason Keding

The Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month. 

            Effective January 14, 2015, change in meeting night from the 3rd Tuesday                      to the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

No meetings are held during the months of July and August.

Start time is 7:00 pm.

Meetings are held in the planning board room located

on the lower level of the Boston Town Hall.

Email:  cac@townofboston.com


From the Natural Resources Conservation Service,

US Department of Agriculture:

"Just as they do on the farm, conservation practices on nonagricultural land can help increase food and shelter for birds and other wildlife, control soil erosion, reduce sediment in waterways, conserve water and improve water quality, inspire a stewardship ethic, and beautify the landscape.

"Backyard Conservation" shows you how conservation practices that help conserve and improve natural resources on agricultural land across the country can be adapted for use around your home. These practices help the environment and can make your yard more attractive and enjoyable. Most backyard conservation practices are easy to use. America's farmers and ranchers have been using these practices successfully for decades.

Whether you have rural acreage, a suburban yard, or a city lot, you can help protect the environment and add beauty and interest to your surroundings..."



Arbor Day Magazine


Ban on Disposing of Rechargeable Batteries


NYSDEC Burning Regulation


DEC Advises Anglers to be on the Lookout for Lake Sturgeon


Hogweed Information


Hydro Fracking and Marcellus Shale Information



         If You Care, Leave It There!


National Archery in Schools Program Growing in New York


Arbor Day Foundation


 Do your part to help the Conservation Advisory Council

in its efforts to help preserve the natural beauty of the Town of Boston

by joining the Arbor Day Foundation!

For your $10 fee, enjoy full membership benefits including

a gift of ten trees to plant on your property.

This is a great family project, and can make a great gift for loved ones.

Plant the seeds of environmental awareness in

your children that will grow over the years along with your new trees.

In addition, the Arbor Day Foundation website is a great source of

general tips and ideas for the planting and care of trees that

are already part of our neighborhood.

For more information, including educational materials,

visit their website www.arborday.org

or contact the

Arbor Day Foundation

211 N. 12th Street

Lincoln, NE 68506



The Town of Boston Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) is currently seeking new members. We are a group of like-minded residents, whose task is to advise the Town Board on conservation and quality of life issues in the town. Some examples of CAC activities are:

  • Each year the CAC hosts a fishing derby for area children, at the Boston Town Park. The Childrens' Fishing Derby will be Saturday, May 9 at 10:00 AM.Many prizes are given, including fishing gear, and seedlings the participants can plant at home. Local merchants donate prizes and food, and the South Towns Walleye Association has assisted us in the past.
  • The CAC sponsors educational programs at local schools. This has included building blue bird houses, planting trees and shrubs, and landscape development.
  • Subscriptions to educational materials, such as the New York State Conservationist, have been purchased by the CAC for a local school and the Boston Free Library.
  • We provide liaison for conservation projects conducted by civic organizations, such as the Boy and Girl Scouts.
  • The CAC advises the Town Board on conservation issues which will increase the quality of life in the Town of Boston .
  • We have participated in other activities such as fish stocking, tree planting, and, tire and paint recycling.

The CAC meets the second Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at 7:00 PM . If you are interested in becoming a CAC member and contributing to the quality of life in the Town of Boston, please send a letter and resume to Town Clerk Jennifer A. Mulé, 8500 Boston State Road , Boston,

NY 14025 . Also, we are always interested in comments and suggestions from Town residents. Please address those directly to the Conservation Advisory Council, at the above address.


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